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Pay Per Click

Pay per Click campaigns offer businesses a tangible way to improve search engine results, helping to create a greater online presence. SGK Media has years of experience in implementing effective PPC campaigns for a range of companies worldwide. We have developed the requisite knowledge and expertise with online advertising to help you get the maximum returns for your online advertising budget. We offer targeted and cost effective PPC solutions for all major search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo and MSN that will improve your search engine results and attract more business. Our team will go through a detailed review phase before customizing an appropriate PPC package.

Selecting PPC as your marketing strategy, you can expect SGK Media to include the following:

Website Analysis

At SGK Media we understand that no two businesses are the same. Each brings its own approach and competitive edge. We take the time to understand your business thoroughly. A close review of your products, services and competition helps us design a customized PPC campaign that meets your specific online business needs.

Keyword Research

With an appreciation of your business, we carefully select keywords that link back to what potential customers are using to find similar products and services. This helps bring visitors in that you might not have been reaching through previous search engine results.

PPC Advertisement Creation

After selecting relevant keywords, we create keyword centric advertisements that represent your products and services. Together, these drive traffic to your website and increase sales.

Advertisement Tweaking

Once the PPC advertisements are online, we regularly tweak them to improve their effectiveness. During this time, we closely monitor and remove or modify keywords and PPC advertisements that do not result in increased traffic and sales. We also track bid amounts for PPC ads on a daily basis so we keep current and adjust our bids accordingly.

Landing Page Evaluation

PPC ads generate traffic to what is known as a landing page. We analyze the paths by which visitors enter and leave your site. Depending upon the results, we may suggest modifications to your landing page to encourage visitors to stay on your site. An attractive and dynamic landing page is critical to keeping your visitor engaged and generating returns.

Conversion Analysis

We monitor the traffic you receive from your PPC advertisements and analyze how many visits convert into a positive action such as sales. Positive actions vary for some, it could involve registering for a free trial or signing up for a specific service such as a newsletter, for others it means a concrete business transaction.

PPC Campaign Reporting

Throughout the process, we keep you engaged with detailed reports about how your PPC campaign is performing. We examine factors like campaign costs and cost per conversion to provide you with an accurate assessment of the performance of your PPC campaign. Our hands-on approach gives you confidence that you will generate positive returns on your investment.